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Photo of Campbell Burns
Photo of Campbell Burns
Photo of Campbell Burns


Important Announcement - Our Charity's Response to COVID-19 Crisis

The Campbell Burns Metabolic Trust recognises that some families caring for children with metabolic conditions may experience particular challenges during the unprecedented COVID-19 Crisis. We've therefore temporarily amended our Small Grant Scheme and introduced a Temporary COVID-19 Grant. Please download the statement from the Trust for more information (statement below).

To summarise:

  • Families can apply for 1 Temporary COVID-19 Grant per month - in order to provide support to as many families as possible, we are unfortunately not able to award monthly COVID-19 Grants to every child in a family with a metabolic condition. Instead, we will award 1 COVID-19 Grant to a family a month (families must apply every month).
  • We will continue to award Food Prep, Essentials and Emergency Grants to eligible families, in line with our usual Grant Scheme. Families can apply for 2 Essentials Grants or 2 Food Prep Grants, or 1 of each, every 12 months, and an Emergency Grant whenever a need arises.
  • Temporary COVID-19, Food Prep, Essentials and Emergency can be emailed to us by the medical professional counter-signing the form. The email must come from their NHS email account and should be sent to This change is implemented in order to speed up sending applications to us, which may help during this challenging time.
  • During this temporary change, Experience Grants will be suspended and not awarded. This will enable us to use that resource to fund the new COVID-19 Grant. 

These changes will be reviewed every month and this website will be updated with more information.

General info - please note that our application forms and guidance documents have changed, in line with General Data Protection Regulation, effective from 25th May 2018. The application forms reflect the need for more detailed consent to be given for the processing of data. Families should also refer to the Trust's Privacy and Data Retention Policy when making an application. 

COVID-19 Charity Response v. 2.pdf

Temporary COVID-19 Grant

  • From 24th March 2020, we will introduce a Temporary COVID-19 Grant. The grant will be up to £25 and families can apply for it once a month.
  • The grant can be spent on any cost associated with caring for a child with a metabolic condition during the crisis. Costs include shopping, toiletries, internet access, craft activities, subscriptions to television services.
  • We do not require families to send the Trust receipts from their purchases. This is an unprecedented time and the needs of each family will vary.
  • To speed up the process, grant applications can be emailed to the Trust by the medical professional supporting the application. The application must be emailed from the medical professional's NHS email address. The email address to send the form to is
  • Please download the application form and complete it to apply for the grant.

Temporary COVID-19 Grant.pdf
Temporary COVID-19 Application Form
Temporary COVID-19 Grant.doc
Word version of Temporary COVID-19 Application Form
GDPR Data Retention Privacy Policy.pdf

Grants available are:



The purpose of this scheme is to provide a small grant of up to £100 to assist families with the financial costs of day-to-day life following a metabolic disorder. We can help with things such as:

  • Travel costs to and from hospital
  • Parking costs at hospital
  • Utility Bills
  • Some household bills
  • Council Tax

Please download our Essentials Guidance Document for more information.
Please download our Essentials Application Form to apply.  


Essentials Guidance 2018.pdf
Essentials Application Form 2018.pdf
Essentials Application Form 2018.docx.doc

Food Preparation

The purpose of this scheme is to provide a grant to families to help them buy kitchen equipment to help them care for their child. Please review the Food Prep Guidance Document for more information. The Grant will be awarded up to £100.

Food Prep Guidance 2018.pdf
Food Prep Application Form 2020.docx.pdf
Food Prep Application Form 2020.doc




The purpose of this scheme is to provide a grant to families to help meet the financial cost of unexpected, emergency situations not covered by the Essentials, Experience and Food Preparation Grant Schemes.


Applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis and families can apply for this grant more than once. 


Please download our Emergency Guidance Document for information.

Please download our Emergency Guidance Document to applyse

Emergency Guidance 2018.pdf
Emergency Application Form 2018.pdf
Emergency Application Form 2018.docx.doc